The History Walk

Keep this page open in your smartphone while you walk around Moylgrove. As you pass each house, it will show you some notes about its history and architecture.

Click Yes/Allow when asked if this page may use your location.

(Don't worry about losing phone/wifi signal as you walk around. Just make sure you stay on this page - don't click the back button. You can let your phone go to sleep, and the app will resume when you log into it again.)

If you click a link, it will open in a separate tab. The app will still be running behind it, in this tab. Do you know how to switch between tabs?

Please let me know how you get on! All suggestions and ideas welcome to help us improve this app.

You aren't near anywhere

...or your device hasn't worked out its position yet, or it doesn't have satnav (GPS). Open this page on a smartphone or a tablet with GPS, and take a walk around Moylgrove. Or, if you prefer the comforts of home, open the History Map and click the different houses on the map.


Tick to use less battery - may reduce location accuracy